Staying informed

The Victim Contact Scheme is run by the National Probation Service. If you join you’ll be given a Victim Liaison Officer (VLO) who'll keep you up to date with what’s happening with the offender. That could include:

  • important changes in their sentence, eg if they're moved to an open prison
  • how and when they'll be released

You won't be told where the offender is being held.

Your VLO can also represent you at the offender’s Parole Board hearing. They can put forward your views about the rules that the offender must follow, like not contacting you and your family. These rules are called 'licence conditions'.

Who can join the scheme

You’ll be invited to join the Victim Contact Scheme if the offender has committed a violent or sexual crime and been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison. This could include receiving a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

If the offender is being treated in hospital

Some decisions will relate to the offender's medical treatment and so will be confidential. That could include being allowed to leave the hospital for a short time.