Making support easy to find

Whether you report a crime or not, your local support team is there if you need help to cope and, as far as possible, recover.

Enter your postcode in the box at the bottom of this page to find:

  • your local helpline which can guide you to the right support
  • a website with local information and advice on how to get help

How your local support team can help

After a crime you might find you need help getting your life back on track in different ways, including:

  • your mental and physical wellbeing
  • where you live and going out
  • helping your family recover
  • learning new skills 
  • help with work
  • managing your finances and claiming benefits
  • help with drugs and alcohol problems

Your local support team can help by arranging:

  • emotional support
  • counselling
  • practical assistance
  • somewhere safe to stay
  • someone speaking for you to get the help you need

Claiming compensation

As a victim of crime you may also be able to claim compensation. Find out more about getting compensation.