Can you make a claim?

You may be eligible for compensation if you:

  • are a victim of a crime
  • are a close relative of someone who has died because of a crime
  • witnessed a serious crime, intervened and were seriously injured

There are many ways to get compensation. The most common are listed below in order of priority.

1. Insurance

You may be able to make a claim through different policies:

  • your insurance may cover a property crime like theft or vandalism. You'll probably be asked for a crime reference number 
  • your employer may have insurance to cover injury or death at work 
  • if you know who committed the crime you may be able to make a claim against their insurance policy

If you disagree with an insurer's decision you can apply to the Financial Ombudsman.

If you disagree with an employer's decision, you can speak to ACAS.

2. Benefits

There may be benefits you can claim if you're recovering from serious injuries. 

If a relative has died, you may be entitled to bereavement benefits.

If you disagree with a benefits decision, you can apply to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal.

3. Court

If the court decides an offender is guilty, the judge may make them pay you a sum of money as part of their sentence. This is called a Compensation Order.

4. Compensation from Government

You might be eligible to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

  • This government fund is available to blameless victims of violent crime who can’t get compensation elsewhere 
  • It can take a long time for a claim to be investigated and compensation paid
  • It’s not for emergencies

You’ll need to apply within 2 years of reporting the incident and have cooperated with any investigations. CICA will let you know if any other conditions might be relevant.

There are a lot of organisations that offer free advice and can help you apply. You won’t need to use a solicitor or claims management company. Enter your postcode in the box at the bottom of this page to find help where you live. 

CICA can also provide compensation for those affected by recent terrorist attacks.  

If you disagree with CICA's decision, you can apply to the First-tier Tribunal (Criminal Injuries Compensation).